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Broken Hearts Club Tincture

26,00 or 18,20 / month


The Broken Hearts Club – herbs for grief, heartbreak and despair.

Wood Betony

Wood Betony comes from the mint family and can have a soothing effect on the nervous system. Wood Betony can help to ground and calm and provide a feeling of safety.

Mother wort

This is a beautiful herb that we can call upon to find courage within our heart. Even nicknamed the “Lionheart” herb, this plant helps us to navigate difficult transitions. A true matriarch, Motherwort returns us to our sense of self, and re-ignites our sense of self.


The medicine of the heart. On a physical level, hawthorn is a cardiac tonic, meaning she is deeply nourishing and restoring to the heart and circulatory system. She is deeply supportive for a heart that is experiencing pain from loss, whether it is the loss of a relationship, or mourning a loved who has passed on. This tea can help us find the strength to surrender and offer protection while we make space for healing.

Lime Flowers

Lime flowers provide a potent and gentle support for people experiencing grief, especially in instances where it can be feel like you may not feel joy again. Lime flowers is uplifting and an excellent medicine for exhaustion and finding peace.


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