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DIGESTION AID TEA – Digestion Support – Organic Herbal Tea

This natural tea is specifically formulated to naturally support the digestion system.


Liquorice is traditionally used in Chinese medicine for inflammation because it’s considered heat clearing and digestion, because it is considered sweet and nourishing for the spleen and vitality, because it supports the chi. Licorice can support a high reduction in oxidative stress. Licorice should not be over-consumed by people with blood pressure problems.

☕ Calendula

Calendula helps with digestion is used to treat conditions including stomach cramps, and colitis.

☕ Marshmallow

Marshmallow is one of the best sources of easily digested vegetable mucilages. It has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties for the lungs.

☕ Chamomile

A beautiful and gentle plant long used as a household beverage that also has very powerful medicinal virtues. Chamomile demonstrates to us that gentle does not mean less effective. It has been used for children’s colic, nervous stress, and stomach disorders. It is also highly effective against fever and inflammation. The medicinal action of chamomile is most obvious in three major areas: the Nervous System, the Immune System, and the Digestive System.

☕ Ginger

Ginger has been found to be beneficial for indigestion and related stomach discomfort. Ginger has also been found to be highly effective against nausea.

☕ Dandelion

A nourishing digestive bitter used to support endocrine and liver health as well as digestion.

☕ Burdock

Burdock contains inulin, a natural dietary fiber, and is used to improve digestion.

If you are on medication, pregnant or breastfeeding, please check with your medical practitioner before use.



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